Count and Chew

Benefits of the “Count and Chew” Method

The “count and chew” method involves counting the number of times you chew each bite, aiming for 20-30 chews. This practice promotes mindful eating and offers several benefits:

1. Improved Digestion
Chewing thoroughly helps break down food in the mouth, making it easier for the stomach and intestines to digest and absorb nutrients.

2. Better Weight Management
Eating slowly gives your brain time to register fullness, preventing overeating and aiding in weight control.

3. Enhanced Enjoyment of Food
Savoring each bite by chewing more allows you to appreciate flavors and textures, making meals more satisfying.

4. Mindful Eating
Focusing on chewing and counting fosters mindfulness, helping to break the habit of mindless eating and encouraging healthier choices.

5. Improved Oral Health
Increased saliva production from thorough chewing helps protect against tooth decay and gum disease.

6. Reduced Stress and Anxiety
Slowing down and concentrating on eating can reduce stress and provide a calming, meditative experience.

How to Practice:

  1. Start with one meal a day.
  2. Aim for 20-30 chews per bite.
  3. Eliminate distractions.
  4. Focus on the texture and taste of food.
  5. Be patient as it becomes a natural habit.

By incorporating the “count and chew” method, you can enhance digestion, control weight, enjoy food more, and improve overall well-being.